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This article was originally written by Simon N Goodwin for Amiga Format magazine, and is used by permission of the joint copyright holders. It should not be copied any further without written permission. The free emulators mentioned were included on the CD accompanying the magazine. The text is as originally submitted to the magazine - which means there are some differences, mostly extra text which was cut to fit into the pages available - with the addition of hyperlinks to new or updated information which has since become available. This approach has been taken to preserve the structure of the original series, while making new information readily available. Simon welcomes comments from readers, and thanks Tomas Amsrud, who generously prepared the material for publication on the Internet.


We are proud to present
The Amiga Format Emulation Series Online.

These articles were originally written by Simon N Goodwin for Amiga Format magazine, and are used by permission of the joint copyright holders. UPDATE, OCTOBER 2005. You can now read them here, as re-presented for publication on the Internet by Tomas Amsrud and kindly hosted by Peter Corlett after Tomas's web site closed. Simon has recovered all but three of the web page versions of these articles, and is working to complete the set - for the time being parts 13, 14 and 15 of the series have been restored as scans of the original magazine articles, in PDF format, which means they're rather large (about 480K per A4 page). We'd love to hear from anyone who has kept a local copy so that we can restore the formatted version of those parts. Three lost thumbnail images were restored in April 2002, but the full-size versions of others (accessed by a click) are not yet on the newly-restored site. We hope to re-create the content, eventually, from the original Amiga word-processor files and screen grabs submitted to the magazine, but don't hold your breath waiting. A contact address is at the end of this page - comments and suggestions of any kind are encouraged. The more mails we get the more likely it is that these pages will be maintained and extended.

None of these articles should be copied any further without written permission.

Here they are!
1Emulation - The sincerest form of flatteryOCTOBER 1996 (89)
2Qdos - The Quantum Leap?NOVEMBER 1996 (90)
3Commodore 64 emulatorsDECEMBER 1996 (91)
4Atari emulatorsCHRISTMAS 1996 (92)
5CPC & MSX emulatorsJANUARY 1997 (93)
6BBC & ORIC emulatorsFEBRUARY 1997 (94)
7Spectrum emulatorsMARCH 1997 (95)
8PC emulationAPRIL 1997 (96)
9Atari & Apple 2 emulationJUNE 1997 (98)
10Console emulationJULY 1997 (99)
11Motorola and Tandy microsSEPTEMBER 1997 (101)
12Apple Mac emulationDECEMBER 1997 (104)
13Nintendo emulationDECEMBER 1997 (104)
14Arcade emulationCHRISTMAS 1997 (105)
15Old CommiesFEBRUARY 1998 (107)
16UAE - The Amiga EmulatorMARCH 1998 (108)
17Texas InstrumentsAPRIL 1998 (109)
18EmuLaTests - Closing articleAPRIL 1998 (109)

Extra parts that I may include later...
-Data formats, filetypes and
conversions from other systems.
-Emulator reviews done later,
but not as a part of the serie.

The series was originally hosted at Amiga Emulation Resource, but since that site has closed Simon Goodwin has found it a new home, with the permission and encouragement of Tomas, so that the work does not go to waste. Feedback is welcome from anyone who can make an email address out of the following line (which is deliberately not entered literally to discourage spam):
simon AT studio DOT woden DOT com

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