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In 2003 volunteers compiling the Amiga magazine index site AIM started work on a new section of AIM within which you might find articles written for various Amiga magazines for which the authors have given them permission to reproduce. Unfortunately this effort stalled but three of the features Simon Goodwin wrote for Amiga Format did get converted, and with a little extra work they - and potentially others - ended up here.

The conversion work is due to Joachim Froholt, Simon Goodwin, Seppo Typpö, Angus Manwaring and John Burns, to whom we should all be thankful.

Articles are listed alphabetically by Author.

Copyright Notice:

Copyright for these articles remains with the original author. You may print or copy these articles for your personal use. Their reproduction or distribution elsewhere is prohibited without prior consent of the respective author.


If you are an author of articles used in Amiga publications and would like to see your work preserved herein for posterity (if not eternity) then please contact us at