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Simon Goodwin

Simon GoodwinSimon N. Goodwin is a freelance writer and programmer who lives in Warwick, UK. He wrote more than a hundred articles for Amiga Format, Amiga Shopper and Amiga User International during the 1990s, and hundreds about other micros - especially eight bit Sinclair machines - in more than a dozen UK home-computing and electronics magazines during the previous decade.

He has a Computing Science degree and more than 25 years experience of assembly-language programming, mostly on 68K-based systems. Simon was a Commodore-certified Amiga Hardware and Software developer and director of Amiga Digital Audio workstation company Silicon Studio Ltd, during the 1990s, author of the HiSoft BASIC/Turbo BASIC parser and numerous open-source packages on Aminet. When Amiga Format closed he was the editor of the Software Development kit manual for Amiga Inc, then the Amiga Corporation audio team leader. He uses an A4000/060 every day for email, web access, documentation and programming, though more recent work has focused on the PowerPC in the GameCube, and PlayStation 2 vector units.

The following articles by Simon Goodwin are available:
Article Title Remarks 
Mixing Tricks Advice on mixing Amiga and CD audio 
Stability A guide to building and maintaining stable Amiga systems 
Networking A1200 networking

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