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Simon N. Goodwin reviews the host of emulators that run on Linux

This site is the online version of the series of articles about emulators that run on Linux systems, commissioned by Nick Veitch and written by Simon N. Goodwin for the Future Publishing magazine Linux Format. Now Future's period of exclusivity is over you can find each episode of the series online here, plus updates, extra text and graphics that may not have made it into the printed magazine.

LATEST UPDATE: 23rd September 2014.

At last we've got the whole series on-line, in a mixture of formats - some HTML, which is fast to load and hyperlink, but takes longer for Simon to produce, and some as PDF files made from the magazine data files (bigger, but fairly good quality) or scanned from printed pages (the biggest and least perfect downloads). A few of the original illustrations are still missing. Every time someone cites these pages or drops me a mail of appreciation I'm spurred to provide updates, so please let me (Simon N. Goodwin) know if you find these pages of interest).

The latest changes add four spreads from 2002, dealing with MSX, Coleco, Atari Lynx, PC Engine, Playstation and Game Boy Advance emulation, and the Amiga/UAE column from LXF32.

Part 1 - Overview from Linux Format issue 13, April 2001

Part 2 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulators from Linux Format issue 14, May 2001

Part 3 - Commodore 64 emulators from Linux Format issue 15, June 2001

Part 4 - Atari emulators from Linux Format issue 16, July 2001

Part 5 - Amstrad emulators from Linux Format issue 17, August 2001

Part 6 - Macintosh emulation - Linux Format issue 18, September 2001

The next couple of articles are currently only available as PDF scans of two A3 spreads. Rotate the Sega one 90 degrees to the right to read it easily (oops!).

Part 7 - Sega console emulation - Linux Format issue 19, October 2001 (PDF, 1250K)

Part 8 - Sinclair ZX-80, ZX-81, QL & Jupiter Ace - Linux Format issue 20, November 2001 (PDF, 1200K)

The next batch are in PDF rather than HTML format, either scanned from the printed pages or converted by the staff of the magazine from the printed rather than the submitted version of the articles (typically the copy was cut slightly to fit the pages available).

Part 9 - Eight bit Nintendo emulators, from Linux Format issue 21, December 2001 (PDF, 460K)

Part 10 - Early Apple emulation - Linux Format issue 22, Christmas 2001 (PDF, 1227K)

Part 11 - MSDOS/Windoze emulation - Linux Format issue 23, January 2002 (PDF, 1770K)

Part 12 - Coleco and MSX emulators, from Linux Format issue 24, February 2002 *NEW* part 1 (A3 PDF, 1800K) & *NEW* part 2 (A3 PDF, 1800K)

Part 13 - Acorn computer emulators, from Linux Format issue 25, March 2002 (PDF, 718K)

Part 14 - MAME arcade emulator, from Linux Format issue 26, April 2002 (PDF, 430K)

The next is another scan, best viewed on a portrait monitor, while lying down (or by rotating the A3 page spread images in your PDF viewer ;-).

Part 15 - Superior Nintendos - Linux Format issue 27, May 2002 (PDF, 1100K)

Part 16 - 6502-based micro emulations, from Linux Format issue 29, July 2002 (PDF, 600K)

Part 17 - Console emulators, from Linux Format issue 30, August 2002 part 1 - Lynx & Game Boy Advance (A3 PDF, 1900K)

*NEW* part 2 - PC Engine, Chip8, Playstation & GBA continued (A3 PDF, 1300K)

Part 18 - Z80 micro emulation - Linux Format issue 31, September 2002 (PDF, 39K)

The above PDF includes the text of TRS-80, MGT SAM Coupe, Philips 2000, KC-85 and Z1013 emulator reviews, from the original submission, but does not yet include the sample screens.

Part 19 - Amiga emulation - Linux Format issue 32, October 2002 (PDF, 2887K)

The above PDF is a scan from the magazine. The grammar of the article is rather poor as the text had to be condensed twice to fit the available space in the mag, once by me and then rather less carefully by the editorial staff, but the content is solid.

Part 20 - MESS, Multi emulation system - Linux Format issue 33, November 2002

The above page contains the unexpurgated text originally submitted to the magazine, and some of the graphics, with lots more information and background than there was room to print in Linux Format that month.

More may follow... please mail if there are anything else you'd urgently like to read or you find problems with what's here already.

Updates, new links and friendly comments are welcome. Contact email address: - please remove the .BLOCK-SPAM before mailing.

These articles were originally published in Linux Format magazine. Text and format Copyright © 2000..2014 Simon N. Goodwin. Reproduction without explicit permission from the author is prohibited.

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