Two balloons took off from the site at Cross Lanes Farm on the evening of 12th July 2000. This page shows some of the pictures I took of the other balloon - my camera has no zoom facility and I was using the lowest image quality to get lots of concise pictures - also it was getting towards dusk, before I'd thought to adjust the exposure time manually to compensate for the lower light level - so it might not be easy to spot the other balloon on some of these, but the pictures are still quite interesting.

OverWhite6, 28373 bytes
Looking down as the white balloon get airborne - we shot up with all three burners running flat out, pumping 54 million BTU into the twelve tonnes of air mass inside our own balloon, to get well clear as the other ballon lifted slowly from the field. Ours has a dozen passengers on board, plus the pilot - the other, larger one had room for 17 people, though it must be said that the space in the basket is cosy, if not positively cramped. At least that means there's very little chance of falling out, especially when wedged into the crash (sorry, landing!) position.

OverWhite7, 30534 bytes
It's a long way down - we've reached about 1000 feet, less than two minutes after takeoff, and this view from the corner of our basket shows the other balloon following us up.

SideWhite10, 21053 bytes
Well aloft now, the other ballon has got round to the east of us and is in full flight towards Warwick.

WhiteLow20, 42399 bytes
The companion balloon is descending now, getting further away as we dawdle above a group of buildings between Stratford and Warwick.

WhiteLow22, 15101 bytes
Close to the skyline, the other balloon is coming in to touch down on the common land at Warwick racecourse. We flew on for some time, unable to land safely till we reached the other side of the town.

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