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Latest update: 2012-5-16

NEW for 2012 (ex 1979) Shop Steward game for the ZX-80 - satirical integer BASIC linear programming fun belatedly ported from the contemporaneous Apple ][ version! Peculiar.

Links to documentation and code for most of my freely-available Amiga programs appear at the end of this page, after links to the articles currently on-line.

  • All my mid-1980s Computer Answers columns for Personal Computer World magazine
  • A page about some of my commercial software
  • A page about my programs for home computing magazines
  • Documentation for my Amiga anti-spam tool (Updated October 2008)
  • Sam Supplement - hundreds of MGT SAM-related documents online
  • Gold Mine, my early hit game for Dk'tronics
  • Amiga Format magazine features
  • Amiga Format emulation series
  • Linux Format emulation series

    A few of Simon's articles, mostly hosted elsewhere

  • Spectrum-related
  • Some Qdos (Sinclair QL OS) related stuff
  • Video Genie/TRS-80 related
  • Linux related Sites come and go - if you can't find these, please let me know of the broken links and I'll try to find alternatives for you.

    These are just a few per cent of the hundreds of articles about Amiga, Sinclair and Linux systems (among others) written by Simon N Goodwin for UK home computing and electronics magazines over the last 20-odd years. If there are others you'd like to see, please email the author Simon (at) mooli (dot) org (dot) uk .

    Simon's programs on Aminet

    All these files, apart from Speculator, are open source and freely distributable. Speculator is fully-functional shareware.

    CharMode.lha       dev/misc  106K Custom Amiga screen mode generator
    QDOS4amiga1.lha    misc/emu  186K Sinclair QL emulator binaries and documents
    QDOS4amiga2.lha    misc/emu  244K Sinclair QL emulator full source code
    QDOS4amiga3.lha    misc/emu  315K Sinclair QL emulator QDOS support disk
    octetpurge.lha     comm/mail  23K Purges binary data from MIME spool files
    ReAddress.lha      comm/mail   4K Converts AdMail aliases to YAM 1.3 format
    MemList.lha        dev/asm     4K Reports system memory ranges in decimal
    OnlineTimer.lha    dev/basic  19K Timer for serial port Carrier Detection
    PowerAGA.lha       dev/basic   6K HiSoft Power BASIC AGA 256 colour 24 bit support
    CatWeaselPlus.lha  disk/misc  34K CatWeasel support for QL, MGT & PC 5.25" disks
    ClockPeek.lha      dev/misc   17K Direct A500/2000/1200 clock chip access
    amitrs80.lha       misc/emu  312K Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 Emulator and examples
    SetHardFileWB.lha  misc/emu    4K Workbench selector for MSHF: and buffers
    Speculator.lha     misc/emu  378K ZX Spectrum 48K emulator, documents and utilities
    TasRead.lha        misc/emu   26K Formats Tasword and SAMScratch files for Amiga
    BlankPurge.lha     text/misc  22K Strips blank lines from Amiga text files
    68060fix.lha       util/boot   6K Cure for Motorola 68060 Superscalar bypass bug
    68060inside.lha    util/boot  13K Intel-mocking 'inside' logo for 68060 startups
    peek_poke.lha      util/cli   24K Powerful STRUCTURED Shell PEEK and POKE commands
    doc2rtf.lha        util/conv  46K Converts Psion Quill _DOC files to Rich Text Format
    CopperDecode.lha   util/moni  38K Disassembles Amiga OCS/ECS/AGA Copper Lists 
    QuickROM.lha       util/sys   12K Boosts Kickstart speed on 68040 or 68060
    DMAmon.lha         util/wb    19K Workbench monitor for floppies and sound
    SpamFryer.lha      comm/mail  95K Deletes spam from a POP3 server unread

    My most recent pro bono Amiga project was SpamFryer, which garnered hundreds of users worldwide.

    It's an icon-launched ARexx script that automatically identifies spam and deletes it from your ISP's POP3 server. The third major update applies more than 100 rules to sift out spam, and can quickly be taught new rules by editing plain text files. It includes a choice of icons, optional Miami YAM and UAE integration, and comprehensive documentation in AmigaGuide and plain text formats, in English.

    It fries around 90 per cent of current spams (PC worms, junk mail offers, viruses etc) without needing to download more than a fraction of each waiting message.

    AmigaPower 5W award (22K)

    SpamFryer won an award from the French AmigaPower magazine in 2007.

    Amiga Wiki

    Version 5:3 of SpamFryer is several times faster, supports fuzzy matching, and contains new rules to catch current bulk spam messages. Version 6.18 adds 'SpamBrowser' which gives you the option to run SpamFryer in an interactive mode. You can preview the contents of your mailbox and interactively select the mails you want to keep or delete. Follow the link to read the SpamFryer documentation on line. For potentially more recent news there's information about updates on the Amiga Wiki. If you currently use SpamFryer and would like to obtain the latest rules, or share your own discoveries, this is the place to do it. It's generally a good place to seek and share the latest Amiga information.

    The emulators AmiTRS80, Speculator and Qdos4Amiga are collective efforts led by Red Skull, William James and Mark Swift (who also made the original DOC2RTF converter, as a Qdos program).

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